Softening Plant

Automatic Twin Water Softening Plant

Fluid Systems Offers fully automatic twin Softeners with salt saving technology for producing soft water with low residual hardness. These softeners consume almost 25 % less salt thus saving on the Regeneration costs.

Water Softening Plants – Lime softening

The Lime Softening Process utilizes the addition of lime (calcium hydroxide) to remove hardness (calcium and magnesium) ions by precipitation. Softening is achieved by adding lime in the form of Ca(OH)2, which reacts first with CO2 to form calcium carbonate precipitate, and then reacts with multivalent cations to remove carbonate hardness, then reacts with anions to replace the non-carbonate hardness due to multivalent cations with non-carbonate hardness due to calcium. Lime softening process produces large volumes of sludge and as such is not used nowadays.

We Offer the widest Range of Water Softening Plants in India:

  • FRP Water Softeners up to 2000 mm Diameter
  • MS Water Softeners up to 3000 mm Diameter
  • MS Rubber lined Water Softeners up to 4000 mm Diameter

Water Softener -Advantages

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Produces soft , non-scale forming water
  • High capacity Cation exchange resin.
  • Consistent treated water quality
  • Low operating costs

Water Softener – Applications

  • Water Softening Plants for Boiler feed water
  • Water Softening Systems for Cooling water make-up
  • Water Softening Plants for Food and beverages
  • Water Softening Plants for Hotels and restaurants
  • Water Softeners for Air conditioning plants
  • Water Softeners for Laundries